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Making Great Strategy: A Masterclass with Jesper Sørensen

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Making Great Strategy: A Masterclass with Jesper Sørensen | Stanford  Graduate School of Business

Welcome to Grit & Growth’s masterclass on strategy, featuring Jesper Sørensen’s insights on how to build a strategy for success and accept the inherent uncertainty of it all. This Stanford Graduate School of Business professor tells you what you need to know: from defining what a strategy is — and is not — to deciding who to involve and how to debate constructively. Read More

Surviving the Attention Economy: How to Keep Audiences Engaged

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Man smiling at his phone screen in the attention economy as marketers compete to survive

Wharton marketing professor Jonah Berger talks with Knowledge at Wharton about his latest study, which offers important takeaways for marketers, advertisers, influencers, and anyone who wants to craft more compelling written communication. The study, “What Holds Attention? Linguistic Drivers of Engagement,” was co-authored by David Schweidel, marketing professor at Emory University’s Goizueta School of Business, and Wendy W. Moe, marketing professor at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. It was published in the Journal of Marketing. Read More