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Unearthing a jewel from the soil

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Aditya Singh champions the International Business for brand Tanishq, a Tata product. New markets, new customer bases and new products are adornments that he sticks his neck out for. Armed with a growth mindset, Aditya is walking the walk on taking a powerhouse Indian brand like Tanishq to global markets. In this freewheeling conversation, Suresh DinakaranChief Storyteller at ISD Global and Managing Editor of BrandKnew gets to know more about his approach, philosophy and practice. Watch the interview here.. Read More

The new nature of creativity + AI: Bring it

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Scheduling creative inspiration is notoriously difficult. By its very nature, creativity is unpredictable; it doesn’t care about deadlines and tends to come in its own sweet time. So it’s interesting to consider that kickstarting the muse appears to be an area where artificial intelligence can provide significant creative value.  Read More

Leaders, Make Curiosity the Core of Your Organizational Culture

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Organizational culture is a remarkable competitive advantage. McKinsey & Company, for example, has found that top quartile cultures outperform median cultures by 60% — and bottom quartile cultures by 200% — and that those company’s cultures are both difficult for competitors to replicate and allow the organization to better adapt to changing circumstances. These findings are echoed in the research of Alex Edmans of London Business School, who found similar outperformance among companies with exceptional cultures. Read More