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IIM Bangalore and ISD Global conceptualised Trust workshop receives overwhelming response

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” It is my pleasure to have attended this workshop. I believe it is just the beginning of our journey to make ourselves more useful for building the trust ecosystem in our professional and overall life. I look forward to learning from such pioneering initiatives, the art of creating trust”- Participant Dr Amol Mahulkar, Head of Intellectual Property Services, Airbus


” Great to catch up and thanks for having me for this intriguing fireside chat with Prof Sourav Mukherjee, Dean, Alumni Relations, IIM Bangalore!  Glad to see a good discussion shaping up on an highly important topic ” – Sumit Virmani, EVP & Global Chief Marketing Officer, Infosys


” I trust you and it is upto you to prove me wrong ” – ” sensitivity and respect to diversity, inclusion and equity can go a long way in building trust in organisations”– Panelist, Vera Bakirova, HR Director, Novo Nordisk


” We have traversed the journey from Zero Trust to building something that people begin to align with and trust completely, so this is something that we practice “ – Speaker Rajesh Dogra, CXO, Air India, talking about the Passport Seva initiative


 The very idea of treating trust as “an asset” was intriguing, and I was keen to attend and see how the audience responded to the concept. You were able to get a really good response and I hope the momentum will keep picking up”-  SpeakeThomas Pullenkav, Director, SELCO Foundation, The Social Enterprise


” Trust cannot be viewed in isolation, it has to be collaborative and participative for it to get the objectivity and tangibility that we need and create the impact that we seek “- Panelist Sunil Prabhakaran, Founder & CEO, Newzeum


” The only way to fix a broken system with the least trust is to work from the ground up and win it back “- Speaker Saurabh Garg, Co Founder, 


” Empathy is at the heart of winning trust “– Speaker Dr Shantala Hegde, Clinical Neuropsychologist, NIMHANS


  organised by ISD Global with  Indian Institute of Management Bangalore Suresh Dinakaran and Sourav Mukherji saw some rich discussions and laid the foundation for potentially a global initiative in building the scaffolding of a structure that will bring Trust front and center in Business and larger public life” – Panelist & Moderator Subhanjan Sarkar, Founder & CEO, PitchLink, Canada


” Until we return to our instinctive nature of trust, we need to evolve systems that lead us to efficient outcomes and that’s why I spoke about “ hashtag#InstitutionalizingTrust”- Speaker Suresh Ram, Founder & CEO, Infiblocks, Canada




Some of the above thoughts and reactions give us a dashboard of what transpired at the first of its kind Trust Conclave conceptualised and executed by ISD Global in collaboration with IIM Bangalore. The energy and the buy-in to the concept of trust was palpable. It was as if there were a lot of bottled up emotions that got a release at this meeting of minds and melting of thoughts. A setting which encouraged a happy collision of views from diverse industry sectors, its leaders across demographics and purposefully provoked a re-think, un-think on the concept of trust. C Suite leaders, Talent Hunters, Entrepreneurs, Academics, Techpreneurs etc. found a common theme to express themselves.


” When ISD Global approached us at IIM Bangalore with this concept, it took me only 15 minutes to jump right in and say, let’s go for it. And to say that neither of us knew each other before that but ended up collaborating on something of high relevance, is a testament to the fact that trust, well-placed, and well intended can create magic”, avered Prof Sourav Mukherjee, Dean, Alumni Relations & Development at IIM Bangalore. One of the most applauded sessions was Prof Mukherjee’s session on ” Trust Deficit: Addressing the Omnipresent “.



” We knew right at the outset that what we are embarking on( of bringing Trust right up front and centre of our zeitgeist) is onerous, intimidating and overwhelming. But, we also had the trust that if we share the vision, there is a community willing to take it forward and make things better, regardless of all the head winds that we are expected to face. So rather than have an idea and have regrets because we did not execute it, we chose a path which believed that some of us can be better than the one of us. So here we are being inspired by a community to go the distance. And we are extremely grateful to Prof Mukhrerjee and IIM Bangalore for offering us their unparalleled equity, support and goodwill. We remain conscious of the fact that we have miles to go before we leap but we have already jumped off the plane and will be fixing the parachute as we go down”, echoed Suresh Dinakaran, Chief Storyteller, ISD Global.


” Building an Emotional Bank Account(EBA) with Trust “, ” Trust Deficit: Addressing the Omnipresent “, ” Designing For Trust “, ” The Making of a CTO(Chief Trust Officer)” , ” Harmonising Trust: Elements from the World of Music “ , ” Institutionalising Trust “, ” Trust – The Founding Principle of Successful Enterprise”, were some of the many sessions that nudged, inspired and moved the participants and offered them fodder for both thought and action.


Sumit Virmani, EVP and Global CMO of Infosys had an intense fireside chat with Prof Sourav Mukherjee, Dean, Alumni Relations & Development at IIM Bangalore on how brand Infosys leverages the concept of trust both internally(with its 300000 plus workforce) and externally with its customers– and the audience was at its engaging best at that timeAnd Thomas Pullenkav in his session on Trust and Social Enterprise had many in the room introspecting and going deeper within themselves as he opened up on his experience at SELCO. Truly stories that probed, compelled and provoked.


A fitting end to the conclave was provided by Sangeetha Srikishen and Ambadi MA from the World Music Conservatory as they delivered a spellbinding session on Harmonising Trust and how music can be an enriching and  integral part of our lives.


The trust bandwagon has set sail. It has many a port to stop at and onboard communities along with new thinking and new possibilities. The waters might be choppy and the compass may not point it in the right direction- that said, the path less trodden will be worth taking, is the collective belief. And ‘ collective ‘ is the operative word.




Unearthing a jewel from the soil

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Aditya Singh champions the International Business for brand Tanishq, a Tata product. New markets, new customer bases and new products are adornments that he sticks his neck out for. Armed with a growth mindset, Aditya is walking the walk on taking a powerhouse Indian brand like Tanishq to global markets. In this freewheeling conversation, Suresh DinakaranChief Storyteller at ISD Global and Managing Editor of BrandKnew gets to know more about his approach, philosophy and practice. Watch the interview here.. Read More