In keeping its image PRim and PRoper, the one thing that a brand relies on is PR. Unpaid media as they call it. PR for PRanding, PRestige and PRofits. Enough play on words. What we mean and deliver is ‘ Be seen, heard, talked about in the right place, at the right time, in the right context for the right reasons’. At ISD Global, we effectively combine the focus of a boutique public relations agency-working smarter, faster and more efficiently, with the senior-level staff experience of a large agency. Our people have counseled clients through financial and product communications crisis; developed public relations campaigns that cut through marketplace clutter helping clients increase sales and position corporations to be innovative leaders in their space. In short, our public relations practitioners have a single-minded focus on ensuring the long-term success for our clients and brand partners. Thought Leadership creation for the brands we work with remains at the fulcrum of our PR practice. Our services span many dimensions, from developing local, national and overseas public relations campaigns to audience – specific outreach efforts. The creation of the full range of marketing materials and broadcast public relations services are all part of the ISD Global’s PR repertoire and include high profile product launches, Press Conferences, Celebrity Meet and Greet, Online Reputation Management, Live Video/Audio links etc.