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How digital sensory marketing is key to appealing to today’s consumer

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2020 is a year of reckoning for marketers like no other. Against the backdrop of global economic uncertainty heightened by the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a spotlight on those accountable to the people they serve, and marketers to consumers have not been exempt. For many, it has been a wake-up call to adapt digitally to suit the needs of today’s omnichannel consumer. Read More

Influencer Marketing Trends for the rest of the year!

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CGI Influencers + AI

2020 will see the rise of some brands using CGI influencers as part of their influencer marketing programs. Use of CGI influencers can be effective for brands that want full brand control over their content and can help mitigate risk, with posts outside of brand-guidelines with real influencers from the past being surfaced as an example. Virtual influencer posts are made digitally. Influencers can be situated anywhere in the world and be placed in thrilling situations and exotic locations without needing actual real-world travel or production to pull off. What’s exciting about all of these is that the technology is still in its relative infancy. Read More