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Building an e-commerce business: Lessons on moving fast

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blog-isdWith consumers moving online in reaction to coronavirus restrictions, companies will need to learn how to launch new e-commerce businesses quickly.

While the full implications of COVID-19 are still unknown, it’s clear that the impact on retail is already significant. Emerging evidence points to a significant shift, as customers scale back their shopping in stores and instead go online. Read More

Harness the Power of Sound to Improve Mental Health and Well-Being

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At Studio Resonate, I spend my days working as a bit of an audio alchemist, blending sound science with sound art to help brands and agencies make sound decisions. And while the bulk of my work focuses on the use of audio in advertising, sonic branding and experiential activations, I also explore ways we can engage in “sonic interventions” by identifying problems in our lives, Read More

Rules of the game: Five facts in-game advertisers need to know

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Contextual, seamless advertising experiences are necessary to balance the delicate relationship between gamers and brands.

With gaming attracting more attention than ever – from players and brands alike – it’s vital that advertisers know how to play it right in the in-game space.

According to a new study by IAB UK, the majority of UK gamers are in favour of advertising if it allows them to access content for free, challenging previous reports that the gaming audience are advertising sceptics and high users of ad blockers.
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The four global forces breaking all the trends

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The world economy’s operating system is being rewritten. In this exclusive excerpt from the new book No Ordinary Disruption, its authors explain the trends reshaping the world and why leaders must adjust to a new reality.

In the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, one new force changed everything. Today our world is undergoing an even more dramatic transition due to the confluence of four fundamental disruptive forces—any of which would rank among the greatest changes the global economy has ever seen. Compared with the Industrial Revolution, we estimate that this change is happening ten times faster and at 300 times the scale, Read More

Scripting plots of gold!

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Badass will be too feeble a word to describe Kristina PaiderScriptwriter, story strategist and now author, Kristina brings in the techniques and philosophy of reel life scripting to real life, helping people and brands realise their goals whilst achieving their greatest potential. In this uplifting conversation with BrandKnew, published by ISD Global, Kristina unveils what makes her tick(or jump?) while also talking about her debut book ” The Hollywood Approach “, which definitely reads like a gutsy guide to living your next wildest dream. Watch the interview here.. Read More