OOH/Outdoor Media Services

Out of Home/Ambient Media and Outdoor Media have become an increasingly potent media platform for brands wanting to create lasting recall and high impact amongst it’s audiences, especially in the context of high traffic, urban cities like Dubai. At ISD Global, we have our own OOH media platforms be it Buses & Taxis or Unipoles or Building Wraps or LED Advertising units etc on major arterial roads(including one of the world’s biggest building wraps on the Dubai Sharjah Road) and high traffic locations that are given out to brands. We also offer brands the rare opportunity of connecting with school kids in the UAE through a fleet of 2100 buses that transport over 110000 school students every day. We offer the entire turn key of providing the location, designing the artworks, getting the necessary government approvals, executing the production and installation and provide media monitoring pictures to brands and agencies for their records and reference.