5 Examples of AI in Marketing to Inspire You in 2019

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There’s a bit of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in everything around us today. As a marketer, you could use AI in a variety of ways, enhancing customer experiences and evaluating consumer behavior. In this article, we talk about:

  • Five innovative ideas for AI implementation
  • How these handpicked brands used AI for genuine value creation
  • Why you can’t afford the transformative potential for AI in marketing

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Three Lessons Business-To-Business Sales Professionals Can Learn from Direct-To-Consumer Brands

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Today, business buyers can exert greater control over the sales process than at any time in the past. They have their choice of vendors and make decisions on their terms. These business-to-business (B2B) decision-makers are used to personalized and frictionless buying experiences; they book vacations through Airbnb and use one-click shopping on Amazon. Their expectations as consumers inform how they discover, research and buy products across the board. Read More