When It Comes to Communication from the Top, Less Isn’t More

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Many managers don’t convey the right amount of information, but those who under communicate pay a steeper price. A boss who overloads you with information may be frustrating, but one who leaves you in the dark may come off as uncaring. That’s the key finding from a new study that examines how employees perceive managers who assume that less is more when it comes to communicating at work.

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Purpose is a two-way street

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We live in different corners of the world, in India and the United States, where we work to help companies in our respective countries assess and redesign their talent strategies. We live and work in vastly different economic, social, and cultural contexts. And so, you might think the client challenges we come across would be quite different. Read More

How agencies are using AI to innovate for clients and work faster

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first party data

Agencies are getting savvier at using artificial intelligence as data comes into greater focus as marketing and information technology are becoming more entwined.

Some studies back this up. For example, 81 percent of marketing and IT leaders surveyed by data platform Lytics said their two departments will become more involved in marketing over the next five years, while 66% of marketers plan to integrate AI into their marketing stack. Read More

How intersections can help you find business direction

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A few years ago in this spacereflected upon my old Datsun 210 hatchback, and how when its battery died I could get it running again with a simple kickstart. All I needed was a few friends to give the car a push and help me generate some forward motion so I could pop the clutch and restart the engine. The point I was trying to illustrate was that momentum beats perfection, not only for dead batteries but for business.  Read More

Author Talks: How to remove unconscious bias from the workplace

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image-10When it comes to job performance, unconscious bias can be more harmful than explicit discrimination—and everyone at work suffers for it.

In this edition of Author Talks, McKinsey Global Publishing’s Raju Narisetti chats with Jessica Nordell, a science journalist and speaker, about her book, The End of Bias: A Beginning (Macmillan), which was reissued in an updated paperback edition in August 2022. Read More