Retail Like a BOSS: Your Go-To-Market Guide

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We are in an economy where deaggregation is actually cheaper, more efficient and more beneficial than aggregation. The governing idea of retailing has been to ship all of your products to a big box retailer and have consumers buy them there for efficiency and economy of scale. But now, thanks to technology, the model has flipped; servicing the collection of individual interactions is actually cheaper than aggregation, and the end experience is actually better. That is why I developed the BOSS model, and why I believe that these four shifts in perspective can help move any company’s retail approach forward. Read More

Did Gillette Miss the Mark with Its Toxic Masculinity Ad?

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Gillette has become the latest brand to take on challenging social issues with a commercial that has drawn swift criticism for what some view to be heavy-handed messaging about bad male behavior. But in the weeks since the debut of its “toxic masculinity” ad, the company’s sales have been holding steady while the controversy around it has dimmed from a red-hot conflagration to a constructive conversation about the messaging. Read More