The pandemic’s hidden cost to creativity and creators

By September 17, 2020ISDose

A few years ago, I sent out a small survey to about 25 successful friends and asked them if their success had come from a plan/strategy or a random event. All of them said it all started with a random event.

This unexpected yet real phenomenon is explored in a great book called The Click Moment by Frans Johansson. The researcher compelling shows how most of the best ideas — and most important companies of the world — started by a chance encounter.

This may seem like a foreign idea, but reflect on your own life experience and I’ll bet you’ll discover the same thing.

Now, here’s the problem.

During this pandemic, we are missing out on almost all of those random moments that create great new ideas …

  • A chance conversation at a conference
  • A coffee break at a meeting with customers
  • An unexpected inspiration while visiting a new city

It’s not too dramatic to say that we have entered the Death Valley of creativity.

I don’t know about you, but my Zoom-filled life is entirely task-oriented. Have the meeting. Get it over with as soon as possible. Go back to work alone in my home.

Not the greatest scenario for creativity.

This is the theme of our new Marketing Companion episode: “Creativity in a Crisis.” Brooke Sellas and I explore the challenges of creating those “click moments” when the world is simply zooming at you and how some organizations are transcending the challenge in inspiring ways.

Please listen in, won’t you? I think you’ll love this …

You won’t want to miss this show, and all you have to do is click here!

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Guest Author: Mark W. Schaefer

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