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Marketing Message Overload

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It’s time to take a walk in the woods, away from crowds, melt within the flora and fauna, breathe. Soon, the joy of nature begins to wash over me. And after a good while, as Henry David Thoreau writes, I’ll return taller than the — damn, my phone’s buzzing again.

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Coronavirus: How Emotional Contagion Exacts a Toll

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The fear of catching the novel coronavirus has sparked a shopping frenzy that one New York City newsradio station aptly described as “Purell panic.” Nationwide, stores from Target to Costco to Kroger have seen shelves stripped bare of hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, rubber gloves, toilet paper and anything else that shoppers think will help them prepare for possible quarantines against the virus, which has spread across 97 countries and killed at least 4,000 people. Read More