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CMOs not aligned with consumers on brand trust

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An overview of CMO and consumer opinion on what increases trust in a business.

  • Consumers say transparency is the most important factor in increasing business trust.
  • But CMOs think the ability to deliver consistently is most important.
  • Differences in importance are also visible in personalisation, putting the customer first and business legacy.

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Finding the Value in IPOs: Why Customer Behavior Holds the Key

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Spurred by tech companies such as Uber, 2019 is expected to be a record year for initial public offerings (IPOs). But what are these firms really worth? Financial analysts use a variety of formulas to reach that number, looking primarily at the success the business has already had. But future success is harder to determine, especially when fickle customer behavior can significantly change the value. Read More

How to Strengthen Brand Loyalty and Trust

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Establishing a loyal following of customers is a colossal undertaking for most companies and their CMOs. As the mandate of the CMO continues to expand, establishing loyalty is the next great undertaking as a natural segue from their mission to inspire and guide the overall brand vision. Creating loyalty is that next logical step to drive increased business and repeat sales. Read More