Loyalty Lasts if the Customer Comes First

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How do you distinguish a transactional relationship from an emotional one? The report, Loyalty That Lasts published jointly by Cheetah Digital and CMO Council brings an important aspect of customer behavior to light: emotional loyalty. What is the intention behind your customer interactions? Is it just to make a sale? Or to establish a lasting bond—a bond that is not “predicated on savings, rewards or promotions”? Read More

How design can stop the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus

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When airports are screening passengers for a communicable disease, you know it’s serious. No one wants another H1N1. As of this writing, the Wuhan China outbreak of coronavirus has infected more than 800, killed 41 people, and found its way to the United States in two confirmed cases. No doubt tomorrow’s news will broadcast even larger numbers. Public health officials are still working to figure out exactly how the coronavirus is spreading, but they are clear on one point: It needs to be contained. Data visualization can help them do that.

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