Here’s how 10 industries are experimenting with ChatGPT

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Judges, teachers, and real estate agents wonder what AI means for their industry

OpenAI’s ChatGPT, an AI chatbot trained on vast amounts of data, debuted in public in November 2022, immediately fueling both concern and creative conversation about the role of AI in the working world. In the subsequent months, the buzz has only grown, as more and more professionals ask: What does ChatGPT mean for my job?

Some industries are worried. Educators and academics, for example, have sounded the alarm over the potential abuse of ChatGPT for cheating and plagiarism. One publication boldly announced the death of homework. But others are imagining ways in which AI can be an asset in the classroom.

This balance of anxiety and potential is popping up all over. While programmers use ChatGPT to help them debug their code, for instance, others use it to create malware. And while doctors have seen some astounding cases of diagnostic success from the AI, they’ve also seen horrifying examples of inaccuracy.

As employers and employees consider whether the impressive AI is friend or foe, here’s how 10 different industries have started exploring the uses of ChatGPT.

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